Bradley Stoke United new Badge & Club Ethos

Bradley Stoke United new Badge & Club Ethos

By Chris Hancock
9th April
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The clubs new badge and club ethos

I am pleased to unveil our new club badge. We have had the current badge since our inception in 1998, and it was felt that a refresh and a more modern design was needed.

The new badge clearly displays our name and carries 3 stars. The stars represent both the Three Brooks that run through our town but also the Pillars of our club;

1. COMMUNITY – we are a youth football team in the heart of our community, offering football to boys and girls in our area

2. FUN – the forefront of everything we are trying to achieve at the club, creating an atmosphere for players to have fun whilst playing football

3. COMMITMENT – from both players, coaches and everyone else linked with the club. If you work hard and are committed you can achieve anything!

Whilst designing the new badge and the 3 pillars, we thought it was important to have an ethos of how we want to coach and play football, but also what we as a club will offer. The attached document details this and I would encourage you all to take a moment to read when you can.

A lot of what is mentioned is already in place and work is well underway of establishing the ‘Our Way of Playing the Game’ element. Our Football Development Manager, Scott Wooder is taking the lead working with all the coaches across the club, helping establish training plans and goals for each team.

As a club we are also working closely with an FA Mentor, who is advising on our footballing ethos and how best to achieve our objectives.

We hope you like the new badge and agree with the messages we are trying to get across with the clubs 3 pillars. The badge will be updated across all our social media sites ASAP, and playing/training kit will be updated as new stock is required.

Up the United!

Chris Hancock


Bradley Stoke United Club Ethos

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